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As a successful corporate trainer, public high school teacher and college instructor, Larry has freely shared his lessons-learned in various publications for the last 30 years. While creating and writing an academic "Ask the Bible Column" for a weekly national publication, Larry has written articles/produced training materials/manuals for churches, businesses, newspapers, public schools, colleges and universities. UMR Communications, the SBTEXAN, the Dallas Morning News and the Star Telegram have published Larry’s insightful, candid and sometimes poignant articles.

Larry spearheaded an effort to get a State of Texas approved Bible elective taught in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Public High Schools. In 2006, Larry successfully initiated a partnership between South Grand Prairie High School and Mountain View Community College of the Dallas County Community College District to offer the first dual credit (college and high school) Bible elective in the country!

On September 08, 2010, the Texas Education Agency approved Larry’s company, Innovative Solutions for Better Education (ISBE), as a registered continuing professional education provider (CPE Provider). While collaborating with two 501 (c)(3) nonprofits, Gateways to Better Education and the Alliance Defense Fund, Larry’s company (ISBE) launched the first state approved K-12 Bible Literacy Teacher Certificate course in the country! It is being offered exclusively in Texas on-line and on-demand!

Larry’s favorite original saying is, “If education isn’t practical, it’s practically no good.”

Short List

Favorite Book of the Bible Proverbs
Memorable Bible Verse Let this mind be in you which was also Christ.
Favorite Bible Version For God so loved the world that he gave his only son.
Favorite Person in the Bible King David
Ministry Affiliation None
Favorite Book The Normal Christian Life
Favorite Author Watchman Nee


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