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God Fearing and Obedient to God's Law
American Citizen
Social Conservative
Fiscal Conservative
True Christian
Roman Catholic
Family Man
Father of two young men and one young lady, all educated by the Jesuits
Husband of Tish for nearly 31 years, and former boyfriend for 7 years to the day we were married.
Married into Holy Matrimony at Saint Ann's Church, Washington, D.C. 10-10-1981.
Educated by the Christian Brothers and Jesuits.

Short List

Favorite Book of the Bible John
Memorable Bible Verse John 1:16 and John 8:32
Favorite Bible Version The Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible
Favorite Person in the Bible Jesus, John, Paul, Matthew, and Mark
Ministry Affiliation Roman Catholic
Favorite Book The Bible
Favorite Author Jesus - The Word


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