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I'm Robert Baty and I have my own YAHOO! discussion list at:


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THIS LIST is home to the "Goliath of GRAS", a concise, logically valid argument setting forth the fundamental issue facing the young-earth, creation-science movement and helping to demonstrate why it is that young-earth creation-science promoters have failed in their scientific pretensions and legal challenges.

Thomas Dziubla, Ph.D. v. Robert Baty Atheism Debate archived in message #24058.

Daniel Dinnell, LDS / Mormon Apologist and UNrepentant liar and now confirmed HYPOCRITE?? - Message #27680, et al

TO ALL MORMONS -See Messages #28300 #28301 and take part in the polls!

WATCH THIS LIST for legal updates regarding Dr. Dino (aka Kent Hovind) and his wife Jo.

WATCH THIS LIST for legal updates regarding FFRF v. US challenging the income tax free ministerial housing provision of IRC Section 107.

WATCH THIS LIST for updates on the Carl Kaun v. Robert Baty libel suit, Carl Kaun's $5,000.00 bounty on Baty, and Carl Kaun's request the IRS investigate Baty; the Francis/Charlene Mortyn Harvard University investigation; the "Jillian"/Christian Post threats to Robert Baty; and the Mormon v. Robert Baty controversy.

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ABOUT THE PHOTO: Matthew Fontaine Maury! See archives for details.

DISCLAIMER!: The Maury_and_Baty list is not connected with any church. Its founder, Robert Baty, is a member of the church of Christ.

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