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(Many of the first messages under the "107Objector" ID have been deleted by Christian Post management; as have so many of my other messages under other ID's such as indicated below.)

One of the message The Christian Post management doesn't want you to see:


From: IRC107Objector (aka Robert Baty)
Time/Date: 3:13 PM EDT on April 17, 2012

To Jillian & Steve & All:

I happened to notice that the recent postings from the
anonymous "Jillian" reflect that he/she remains UNrepentant
regarding our unfinished business involving what he/she
has posted about me and certain personal threats he/she
has made against me (e.g., threats of legal action and
that alleged police report he/she made not long ago).

I continue to wait and see if The Christian Post management
is going to work with me to set up a blog page here that
will allow me to work with "Jillian" and, just possibly,
allow him/her to repent and bring forth works meet for
such repentance.

The archives here have been tampered with and so are not
a reliable source of information regarding these important
public issues. For the best information, you are welcome
to visit the public archives at my place:


You are also welcome to engage the discussion of these
matters there.

Perhaps there are some here with sufficient moral influence
to affect some positive response from the anonymous "Jillian"
and The Christian Post management.

I am hoping so!

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(Above message was "removed by administrator".)

See also: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Maury_and_Baty/message/26936

Otherwise, here's my place:



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